Apple Co-Founder Steve Wozniak ‘Feels’ Bitcoin Will Be Worth $100,000

Despite its rollercoaster ride in the market, there are always people who remain steadfast in their belief in Bitcoin. One of them is a pillar of tech behemoth, Apple Inc.

Steve Wozniak the Apple co-founder has stated that he expects the world’s top cryptocurrency to reach $100,000 in the near future.

Wozniak discussed cryptocurrency in a recent interview on the Wild Ride with Steve-O podcast.

“I purchased a large amount of bitcoin at the outset to demonstrate how to use this new technology. How do you make an online purchase? I conquered that. How do you purchase items in foreign nations, and how would you pay for a donut?”

Additionally, the computer programmer and philanthropist pondered how individuals locate ATMs that accept bitcoin. “I want to experience and absorb everything,” he stated.

The Apple Co-Founder’s Belief

According to Wozniak, Bitcoin is the “most incredible mathematical marvel.”

In July last year, when speaking at Talent Land Jalisco, he told his virtual audience that Bitcoin was superior to gold due to its verified digital scarcity.

While admitting that he was unable to quantify his prediction mathematically, Wozniak noted that effective interest in cryptocurrency made the price attainable.

“I believe Bitcoin will eventually reach $100,000… I am unable to quantify it mathematically; I simply feel it as a result of all of the interest. The interest in cryptocurrencies.”

Bitcoin is currently trading below the $40K threshold, at $39,084.76 according to TheCoinInfo price monitoring.

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